Employer requirements, how to get started, what to consider, costs, myths and more! Check out our comprehensive introduction to buying benefits or jump ahead to what you want to know!

00:03 How to get started offering benefits - a knowledgeable broker is key.

00:22 Why should I consider offering benefits? - recruit and retain talent, increase productivity and more.
00:52 What is required? - geography, ownership, census information needed to provide accurate quotes and strategize to meet your specific goals.

2:30 Network access and costs - HMOs, Point of Service and PPOs, how they impact costs and give your employees access to the providers they need.

4:57 Top 3 myths about buying health insurance - misconceptions about affordability, group size and enrollment requirements.

7:58 Things to consider when deciding on benefits - lines of coverage, differences in benefits and who handles administration, compliance and HR management.