What is Individual Coverage (and who needs it)?

Individual coverage is insurance benefits you purchase on your own outside of an employer or “group” setting. Individual coverage may cover just you or your whole family.

Common reasons for needing to purchase individual coverage are self-employment, unemployment or working for an employer who does not offer benefits. When seeking individual coverage for yourself or your family you have several options that depend on your income level.

Arrow believes you deserve peace of mind regardless of your budget or circumstances. We want to make you aware of all your options and we’re happy to help you.

Health Insurance: You may take pride in your wellness efforts and clean bill of health, but you never know when an unexpected illness or sudden injury could take that away from you. Health insurance can help cover preventative care, emergencies, routine doctor visits and access to specialty providers. Click "Get Started" to learn more, browse rates, get enrolled or get expert help choosing the right coverage for your situation.

Life and Disability Insurance: If something were to happen to you, how would you provide for your family? Would losing a source of income force your family to make some hard decisions? Work with Arrow to provide peace of mind for your household with life and disability insurance. Click here to apply for life and disability insurance.


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