Individual and Family Enrollment Options

If you need benefits for yourself or your family but are between jobs, self-employed or work for an employer who does not offer benefits, take advantage of open enrollment and special enrollment opportunities to obtain coverage on your own!

What is Open Enrollment?

Open enrollment is the one time of year an individual or family can enroll in new coverage or make changes to existing benefits. The nationwide open enrollment period is from November 15 - December 15 in order to have active coverage effective January 1st.

Open enrollment is a good time for people with existing benefits to reassess their risks, make changes to their benefits and adjust the coverages to better serve their needs. It's also the time to update any information such as changes in dependents or marital status.

If I missed Open Enrollment, what now?

You may still be able to enroll in new coverage or make changes to existing coverage if there is a "qualifying event" such as loss of health coverage, change in household, change in residence or changes in income. Otherwise, the next opportunity to enroll or make changes in coverage will be during the next open enrollment period or when you do have a qualifying event, whichever comes first.

What other benefits changes should be made during the Open Enrollment period?

Life insurance is the most important benefit when it comes to protecting your family. Life insurance pays out when there is a loss, and in some cases can have living benefits. When it comes to life insurance people should pay close attention to the details of these benefits and specifically, who benefits from them. It's important that all dependent and beneficiary information is up to date and that all elections reflect what the insured individual want to be enrolled in.