Benefits don't need to feel overwhelming, confusing, like a scary legal requirement or expensive "necessary evil"! They're an important part of your overall compensation package, a big deciding factor for job candidates and a valuable tool for creating happier employees. We'll help you see why this is so important to your bottom line and how affordable, attractive benefits can be achieved with Arrow on your side. Let's get started with some "benefit basics" like when are you eligible, what's required, costs, myths and more!.... read more

You wouldn’t do anything important without the right expertise and help standing by. Benefits have a big impact on a company’s bottom line and on an individual’s peace of mind. Our product knowledge and design-savvy allow us to work with any budget to deliver plans that meet your needs and our trusted partnerships in the HR and compliance arenas will help you confidently navigate an ever-changing benefits landscape!... read more

Did you know that EVERYTHING you do as an employer needs to be “compliant” and falls under ERISA? Even that office contest! Do your your benefits meet today’s ever-changing regulations? more

The benefits you offer are only as valuable as your employees’ ability to access what they need! We’ll help you determine the best type of network for your group along with how this impacts costs! more

Do you understand all your potential out-of-pocket costs? Do you know where your financial participation begins and ends even with the “best” coverage? Copays, deductibles, co-insurance let us help you break it all down! Stay tuned for part two for some added more

Out of Pocket Maximums 2: Don't panic!

We know that even with a “maximum” in place ANY out of pocket costs can be a hardship, stressful and quickly add up. Who has thousands on hand or wants to spend it on medical bills? We’ve got your back with strategies we can build into your plan to greatly reduce or offset those out of pocket costs, no matter WHAT kind of core benefits you choose. Arrow delivers affordable benefits with that “expensive plan” feel. We’re excited to show you how! more

Covid has posed challenges to employees and employers alike, but there have been some positives that will likely outlast this pandemic! more

Open Enrollment Made Easy

Once your benefits are in place, the next step is enrollment! This process is as important as the benefits themselves and you won't have to go it alone. We'll help ensure the process is accurate and smooth!

Are you a small or growing employer wondering if you need to offer benefits? Even if you’re a group of less than 50 employees, attractive benefits give you an advantage over your competition in attracting the kind of talent that will help your business grow. It’s never too early to begin thinking about benefits or planning for when you’re required to offer them! more

Insurance paperwork can be a drag but look at documents carefully; it's the details that impact how your benefits "feel" and work for you when you need them the most! more

You get one chance per year to enroll or change your benefits, now is the time to gather everything you’ll need to compare plans and make the best decision. Arrow is happy to help! more

Are your contacts covered? Need new glasses? Let's take a look at your vision benefit. more

Enrollment: Dental Insurance

The only thing scarier than going to the dentist is wondering how your dental plan's going to pay out! Let us help break it all down.
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Enrollment: Disability and Life Insurance

Of all the things you can insure, your income and ability to take care of your family is one of the most important! If your employer offers Disability and Life this is a golden opportunity to obtain this critical group coverage that may be too expensive (or even impossible) to obtain on your own!

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Who doesn't like tax breaks? But is that HSA, HRA or FSA plan really in your best interest or the best use of your money?

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Did you know that there are inexpensive lines of coverage you can add to your core benefits that have a BIG impact on how your benefits work for you, reducing risk and out of pocket costs and even providing cash payouts that can be spent any way you want? Let us show you how we can deliver affordable benefits that offer the same protections and peace of mind as those expensive packages!

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Your benefits are only as good as your ability to access, manage and make the most of them! Just like we helped you maximize your budget we'll help you maximize the benefits themselves with our hands-on service and advocacy!

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